Playing Super Mario Bros. In 3-D In Virtual Reality

May 17, 2017


This is a video demonstration of Super Mario Bros. being played using 3DNES (a system that detects 2D objects in NES games and turns them into 3D ones -- previously) and a virtual reality headset. It looks difficult. Now I'm not saying there's no way that Mario was able to save the princess playing like this, but I take that back, that's exactly what I'm saying. She probably died in that stark dungeon cell cold and alone, and now Toad is just a stuffed footstool for Bowser's throne. I guess that's what you get when you rely on a plumber to save an entire kingdom. The last plumber I hired couldn't even unclog the toilet in my new place. "You tried to flush a dozen hotdogs at once." They were brats, and I needed to know if it could handle a heavy load.

Hit the jump for the video, more info if you want to play it yourself HERE.

Thanks to Tony, who wishes we lived in 2D, where everything is simpler.

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