New Caramel M&M Package Features Two M&Ms Ripping Their Caramel Filled Brethren In Half

May 16, 2017


In breaking important news, this is the packaging for the new Caramel M&Ms, featuring Red And Yellow (those are their names, their parents weren't very creative on account of their brains being made out of milk chocolate) tearing an orange M&M (formally known as Crispy when he was crispy-filled and, afterwards, pretzel-filled) in half. Not only are they ripping him in half, they're using his guts to spell 'Caramel'. That's pretty sick. Of course these are the same two M&Ms who have been eating tiny versions of their friends and family in commercial spots on television for years now, so I can't say I'm surprised. Hungry, yes. Sexy? Not in several years. "You need to get your groove back." If by groove you mean magic penis talisman, then yes.

Thanks to n0nentity, who thought everybody already knew M&Ms were cannibals by nature.

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