Nailed It: Designer Asked To Make Promo Poster For Bar's Music Nights

May 3, 2017


This is the poster that graphic designer Dave made after Tom at the Friars pub in Bridgnorth, England, asked him to make a promo poster for their upcoming music nights. It's arguably the best piece of design work I've seen since the Coca-Cola logo, and I only like that one so much because I'm convinced it's a stylized version of a couple having sex (which may explain why I drink at least six Cokes a day). Congratulations, Dave -- you've earned yourself a beer. But only one, that shit couldn't have taken longer than two minutes.

Thanks to ALightsOffInTheAttic, who, wait -- was that a Shel Silverstein reference? I like Shel Silverstein references, we should be friends. But only internet friends, everyone hates me in real life.

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