Later, Earth!: Chanel Is Selling Luxury Tennis Balls (4 For $450)

May 18, 2017


These are Chanel's Spring/Summer 2017 collection tennis balls. They cost $450 for four and come in a leather bag because carrying your balls in a plastic tube is for peasants. Me? I have to carry mine in a wheelbarrow. "Because they're so big?" What? No -- because the tennis court I play on doesn't have a fence on one side because I backed into it with my truck trying to break an opponent's legs because I'm a sore loser and I hate chasing after balls during a match so I have to bring a bunch. Also, you're a pervert.

Thanks to vishal, who's holding out for inevitable $1,000 Louis Vuitton leather tennis balls. I'm just going to run on the court and steal these like a ball-boy during Wimbledon.

  • Gilbert

    At $112.50 per ball, there better be some fondling of genitals involved...

  • Ringo Langly

    At first, i thought of table tennis balls, because, if you look closely, the most popular brand is "double circle".... check the logo (double circle and channel) !

  • DL1119

    gonna use these as chair socks.

  • Jenness

    OMG yesssss - this is the ONLY way I am going to trick out my walker when I get old. Take that Mrs. Finkelstein yeahhhhh buddddyyyyyyyy!! lol

  • Gilbert

    Only if your insurance covers it...

  • GeneralDisorder

    I sort of want to find some rich douche who bought these then steal them and let my dogs chew on them.

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  • TheQiwiMan

    The trolling of people with too much money and not enough brains continues.


  • Bling Nye
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