Labor Of Love: 5-Foot x 18-Foot Jigsaw Puzzle Used To Make A Stop-Motion Animation

May 8, 2017

This is a stop motion animation created using Wildlife, a 33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle (one of the largest commercially available, ~$350) that measures 5.25-feet x 18.5-feet when completed. For reference, I once completed a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle with only two missing pieces. "You ate them." They're missing inside me. You can check out a couple shots of a girl who completed the puzzle without creating a stop motion animation HERE (she says it took her about 450 hours over the course of two and a half months). You can check out an x-ray of the missing puzzles pieces hanging out in my guts at my doctor's office. "Is that...a Ninja Turtle action figure?" Yes, but unlike the puzzle pieces he entered through the rear.

Keep going for the time-consuming video.

Thanks to Jeff, who agrees the best puzzles are completed with a loved one.

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