Woopsie: Demolition Crew Also Destroys The Building Next To The One They're Supposed To Demolish

May 24, 2017


This is a video from Baltimore, Maryland of a city-hired demolition crew accidentally knocking over the building next to the one they're supposed to be demolishing. It looks like the chimney falling cause a chain reaction of structural fail. Now I'm not saying I saw an accident coming from a mile away, but you definitely could have seen it from the moon. QUESTION: is all it takes to be a demolition crew a heavy-duty excavator to operate and a will to destroy? Because I'll go to the bank and get a small business loan right this second. Also, I love how the excavator operator just keeps tearing away at the building after destroying the other one. It's like he knows he's gonna get fired and just really wants to wreck shit one last time. I can respect that.

Keep going for the video, the woopsie daisy starts around 0:50.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees when you're trying to demolish a building that's basically connected to another building, you should be picking at that shit like a paleontologist trying to unearth a dinosaur bone.

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