Important News: A Person Called The Police On Their Neighbor Because They Thought They Stole Their Pizza

May 9, 2017


This is a newspaper clipping from the police blotter in Burlingame, California, about a person who called the police after ordering a pizza and seeing what they believed to be their pizza delivered to a neighbor (it sounds like they were hangry). It turns out the neighbor ordered pizza too. Why would you not just go knock on their door instead of calling the police? *Googles Burlingame, California* It says the median home price in 2010 was $1.8-million, were you afraid their butler might turn you away? Also, I like how the accused pizza thief reported being upset. Is that something you can sue for? Because in this day and age it's probably worth a shot. "You're an idiot." I recorded that, you can expect to hear from my lawyer.

Thanks to Ganby, who wants to know if 911 sent a regular officer or a member of the Pizza Police. Also, if the biggest police story in your community is a case of mistaken pizza identity, congratulations, you live in Pleasantville.

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