I'm Flying, Jack!: An Exhilarating Roller Coaster Zipline Ride

May 10, 2017

This is a roller coaster zipline constructed by Skywalker Adventure Builders (previously: this less roller coastery zipline ride in Australia that's a kilometer long). It looks like fun. It also looks like it's got some dips and uphill portions that a more portly rider might get stuck on. Me, I'm talking about me. FUN FACT: Did you know when I was a kid my uncle encouraged me to try to jump out of Space Mountain at Disneyland so we could try to sue? Unfortunately, the mission was a failure and he was so disgusted with my inability to slip out of the harness that he left me in Mickey's Toontown and made a run for the tram back to the parking garage. Memories.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks again to CH, who agrees the best roller coasters are the ones you're genuinely concerned you might die on.

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