I'll Take Two: A $258,000 Pokemon Wrist Watch

May 19, 2017


I can't have two though because they only made one. That's a deal breaker for me, because I like to wear matching watches on both wrists so people know I'm a fashion trendsetter. "You're trailing toilet paper on your shoe." That's going to be all the rage this summer, you watch. This is the $258,000 Tourbillon Pokemon watch from luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome (previously: A $15,000 DeLorean watch made from an actual DeLorean, a $450,000 watch with real moon dust in it, and a rusty $300,000 watch that only tells if it's day or night. It's perfect for the person who's both insanely rich, and a huge Pokemon fan. Mark Zuckerberg? Bill Gates? Mark Cuban? Jimmy Buffet? "WARREN Buffet." Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, know what I'm saying? "No I do not." Cheeseburgers in paradise!

Thanks to Greg C, who agrees your watch ain't shit if it can't control the TV when you're supposed to be watching a video in class.

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