How To: Safely Escape A Rattlesnake You Accidentally Sit Next To

May 30, 2017


This is a video of Youtuber Nick TheWrangler demonstrating his technique for successfully avoiding a rattlesnake bite, after accidentally sitting down next to one in the wild -- a situation I hope I never find myself in. His course of action includes blowing on it (it doesn't move it all), brushing its tail to get it to move (which does work -- it slithers right into his lap), and poking it with a stick, which eventually gets the snake to move far enough away for Nick to jump to safety. Of course this was all very strange to watch considering there's a cameraman standing four feet away doing absolutely nothing to help Nick. Did he actually want him to get bitten? I kinda did.

Keep going for the video while I email a link to Dr. Jones to freak him out.

Thanks to JD, who agrees the best way to avoid rattlesnake bikes is 1) not living anywhere near them and 2) never going outside, just in case.

  • Kaz Long

    Just grab it by the tail and whip it like a towel against something head comes right off, my grandfather used to do that to snakes all the time on the ranch. I have killed many rattlers mainly by running over when sun bathing or with my shotgun.

  • GeneralDisorder

    "Highly venemous"... It's only an Eastern Diamondback. Sure, it's got a potent hemotoxin but if you're not like... a few hours away from medical attention and completely devoid of first aid kit you'll just have to deal with pain and some mild necrosis at the bite site.

    Edit: Also I'm utterly terrified of snakes. I would have probably done a tactical roll away the second I saw a snake that close to me.

  • AC

    and a 50k medical bill

  • GeneralDisorder

    50k? Nah... That's way too low.

  • El Gaupo

    I was rooting for the snake..

  • Quax

    This one ;)

  • TheQiwiMan


  • Meh

    "ok i'm gonna find something to poke him with"
    Sure nods the camera dude, he wasn't in that much trouble.

  • Ollie Williams

    The way he talks and uses idioms incorrectly is obnoxious.

  • wmcbain

    100% there would be shit in my pants

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