How Have We Lived Without It?: LED Animation Kitchen Backsplashes

May 15, 2017

Look at your kitchen backsplash. Boring, isn't it? I don't even have one, it's just a wall covered in pasta sauce and bits of food. Plus if you turn the light on in the middle of the night it become a roach race. Enter the Digital Kitchen Backsplash from All Things LED. It turns your kitchen backsplash into a giant monitor capable of displaying whatever you want. Based on several of the animations they chose for the video, it looks like seizure is a popular option. Hello, 911? My backsplash made me cut myself. "What happened sir?" I was slicing a tomato, then flashing lights and blood everywhere. Have you ever seen Blade? It was like that vampire blood rave. Quick question though -- if you send an ambulance is it going to cost money? "Yes sir, there is a cost associated with--" *click*

Keep going for the whole video while I find out if a good old-fashioned mom kiss is as good as stitches.

Thanks again to Jake The Worm, who's a really cool nightcrawler in my book.

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