Guy Drives Land Rover On Beach To Take Pics, Poseidon Tries To Steal It

May 18, 2017


This is a video of a cool dude who drove his Land Rover right up to the surf at Jersey Shore's Island Beach State Park to take pictures of it. Unfortunately for his would-be Instagram post, Poseidon wasn't having it and tried to claim the vehicle. Man, I love his feeble attempt at trying to dig the wheels out with a shovel. That brought me great joy. Eventually, police and a tow truck arrived to rescue the vehicle, which brobro insisted on driving away despite "its lights were flashing and its engine was making strange sounds." No surprises there. Also, no word which cast member of the Jersey Shore this was.

Keep going for two videos in case the first one doesn't work while I try to reach The Situation for comment and insist that no, I don't want to Facetime his abs.

Thanks to Trebby, who agrees this guy needs to get some of those little pine tree air fresheners, pronto.

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