Guy Builds Skateboard That Shoots Flames With The Toe-Press Of A Button

May 17, 2017

This is the flamethrowing skateboard built by Mike Warren (aka Mikeasaurus, Instructable of the build available HERE). With the toe-press of an arcade button near the front of the board, a trail of fire is left in your wake. For reference, I love leaving a trail of fire in my wake. AND broken bones. Just not my own, although that's usually the case. The life of a stuntman is not an easy one. "You are not a stuntman." Well maybe not a PROFESSIONAL, but I've never backed down from the opportunity to be shot out of a cannon. "Just how many bones have you broken?" All of them, at least twice. "What about your skull?" Replaced with hockey puck rubber. "And your penis?" Surprisingly still intact, as good as the day I was born. "So three centimeters." Give or take a half centimeter, yes.

Keep going for a couple pictures of the flaming ride and the whole video.




Thanks to featherfly, who agrees every piece of sports equipment should come in a flamethrowing version.

  • thanks for sharing Nice notepad

  • GeneralDisorder

    I wanted to do something similar with my car but then I figured a 2005 Grand Marquis with flames shooting out the exhaust might be a little extreme. Hell, I have two propane tanks in my garage that were... uh... "liberated" from a place that shall remain nameless (which certainly wasn't the vacant house next door. Who said it was? They're lying!).

    I did have a name picked out for my flaming marquis. The Marquis De Flamme.

  • Allen

    88 mph

  • jodyberry

    Should be Flamedropper

  • TheQiwiMan


  • Karl Miller

    Ain't no video!

  • spikedeclue
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