Guy Builds His Own Solid-State Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

May 24, 2017


Note: Keep your volume in check. Like, super in check. You know what? Just don't even watch the video.

This is a video of Youtuber nabzim demonstrating the solid-state tesla coil guitar amp he built. It...does not sound very pleasant. Maybe that's why amps are best built out of amp parts and not tesla coils. But look who's talking -- I don't know the first thing about amps or electricity, I'm just a guy whose mom yelled at him last week for keeping a toaster in the bathroom for cooking breakfast. You ever had breakfast in bed? "Yes." But have you ever had breakfast in the bathtub? "You're gross." Pass the granola and dried cranberries, they're in the shower caddy next to my body wash.

Keep going for the video but definitely skip around and definitely start at 10% volume.

Thanks to Ham, hands down one of my favorite iridescent meats.

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