Giant Rick And Morty 'Rickmobile' Van Touring The Country

May 5, 2017


This is a shot of the giant Rick Sanchez van that will be touring the country now through October as part of Rick And Morty's 'Don't Even Trip Roadtrip'. The van will be stopping at comic book shops, movie theaters and restaurants (full list of tour dates and locations available HERE -- click 'Show All The Stops') and double as a merchandise selling pop-up shop. It looks like if you live in the middle of the country you're pretty much screwed though. Still, maybe you could take a roadtrip to meet up with the Rick and Morty roadtrip. A roadtrip to a roadtrip! I can see it now: Who keeps farting, your music sucks, we need more snacks, I have to stop and pee. "Shut up back there!" You got it, just turn up that shit music of yours so you can't hear me pee in this A/C vent.

Keep going for a shot of the official 2017 tour shirt.


Thanks to speakerbox, who's really hoping to see that van involved in a highway chase.

  • Thet'd be perfect to take a photo with it ;) Hope they'll bring it to Comic Con.

  • Andrew Garcia


  • Tom327Cat

    If you have money to do this, you have money to make more episodes. That is your purpose in life, you make Rick and Morty cartoons.

  • CDW in PC

    My only chance of seeing it is to stake out I-10 through north Florida and look for it to pass through on its way to Jacksonville because they aren't gonna stop in Panama City Beach...

  • Meh

    Sup GW, i need the dose bad!

  • Meh

    How is that vehicle road worthy?

  • Jenness

    Well the driving park is not the head - but I wonder about how much wind drag the hair causes the van, as well as, how safe it is to have such a distracting face staring at you if you happen to be behind it.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I went looking for a picture from the front and there don't appear to be any that Google has located yet.

    I imagine the giant air-scoop head probably directs air... somewhere. Perhaps down.

  • I wonder myself

  • TheQiwiMan

    July 11th, I'm so there! Wubalubadubduuuuuub!!!

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    I'm going to camp out in klamath falls, wait until I see it drive by and follow it all the way to Reno aka Dirty Vegas.

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