Giant Hand Sculptures Rising From A Venice Canal To Bring Awareness To Climate Change

May 15, 2017


Climate change: I think I've heard something about it on the news. These are a handful(!) of shots of Support, a sculpture created by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn and placed in a Venetian canal to highlight climate change. Interesting. When reached for comment about the sculpture, Bill Nye refused to sing the theme song to his science guy show so I pretended I was getting another call and hung up.

Titled Support, it depicts two massive hands, rising from a canal to support the Ca' Sagredo Hotel. It is a visual statement, that people need to repond to global warming appropriately before it's too late. "Venice is a floating art city that has inspired cultures for centuries," Lorenzo Quinn told Halcyon Gallery. "But to continue to do so it needs the support of our generation and future ones, because it is threatened by climate change and time decay."

What a powerful message. And that message is if we don't do something about climate change, the polar ice caps will melt and the giant humanoids who have been frozen in them for thousands of years will rise and start pounding on our buildings. That, um, that was the message, right? "Exactly." I know art.

Keep going for a couple more shots.






Thanks to Jan, who agrees the best way to bring awareness to anything is with a megaphone and fireworks.

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