First Person Shooter Video Game Gun Sounds Remixed Into A Song

May 10, 2017


This is a song beat created by Youtuber Eclectic Method using the sound effects of different guns from first person shooter video games (plus Worms). It exceeded my expectations. Granted, my expectations were low. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to make a song out of just the knife sounds from Counter-Strike. *30 minutes later* "Well -- how'd it go?" How did what go? "You said you were going to make a song out of the knife sounds from Counter-Strike." Oh right, I binge-ate six Hot Pockets instead. "How were they?" Frozen solid. "You're supposed to microwave them first." Whatever, you're not Julia Child. "I'm not -- but what if I told you I was Betty Crocker?" I'd beg you to sign my muffin-top.

Keep going for the music video.

Thanks to Dan, who agrees the best song beats are the ones you make banging your head against the wall in the shower at night wondering where the hell life went wrong. "Wait, what?" Nothing -- nothing.

  • da1nonlysage

    My dream of hearing Perfect Dark's Farsight sound implemented in a song before I die has yet to be realized.

    Don't let me down, interwebs! I just turned 30 on 4/20

  • Tom327Cat

    I know this music..

  • TheQiwiMan

    Aw shoot! I can't think of any gun puns... I guess I'll just have to rifle through this magazine instead of commenting...

  • Bling Nye


    Looks like I fired too soon, someone already hit that one.

  • Jenness

    LOL you're such a dufus - that was a good one

  • Richard H Sanford

    I'm triggered.

  • Shooting Thepast

    That's bang on!

  • GeneralDisorder

    I like the Propellerheads...

  • Jenness

    It's been ages since I listened to that :)

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