Finally: Life-Size, Posable Anatomical Skeleton Lamps

May 2, 2017


These are the 'Philippe' Limited Edition lamps available from lighting designer Zia Priven. They're full-size, poseable faux human skeletons with a lamp for a head. They come in silver, bronze and traditional bone color and presumably cost a small fortune (you have to contact them for pricing). Want a skeleton lamp without having to part with one of your own arms and legs? Do what I did and steal a skeleton from a high school biology classroom. Wait -- I mean, that's what I WOULD have done if I didn't care about going back to jail, but I do care about going back to jail, which is why I didn't do that and paint it with a can of chrome spraypaint from Home Depot. "What's up with all the chemistry glassware?" Walter White made me do it, he said he'd kill me! "Walter White is dead. Plus fictional." Fine, I was going to open a head shop and the skeleton was going to be my mascot.

Keep going for a handful more pics.







Thanks again to Stephanie B, who agrees that skeleton must be the life of every party it attends.

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