'Ello!: Labyrinth Worm Slippers

May 22, 2017


These are the officially licensed slippers that look like Jim Henson's creepy 'Ello worm from Labyrinth (previously: a plushie version). You can get a pair in one-size-fits-most-adults (pirates with peg legs excluded) for $55 from ThinkGeek. Alternatively, you can get a pair of flip flops from the drugstore like I did for $6. They were a great value. Sure the thong ripped out of the bottom, but I just poked it back through and used a bread clip to secure it. Martha Stewart taught me that. "No I didn't." Nevermind, it must have been somebody else. You did show me how to fold a fitted sheet though. Granted I still can't do it myself, but you did show me. Let's bake cookies. "Get out of my kitchen." Fine, but I am going to feed your horses carrots.

Keep going for one more shot and the scene from the movie for reference.


Thanks to SN, who agrees the best slippers are fuzzy bunny slippers.

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