Dreams Really Do Come True: Beer Sold In A 1,000 Pack

May 3, 2017


These are a couple shots of the 1,000 packs of beer sold by the Nokia Brewery of Finland. The massive case includes a thousand 0.5-liter (~16.9oz) cans of their 5% ABV Keisari Lager and costs €2,490 (~$2,344). Wait -- that's almost $2.50 a can! I'm not paying that. I can get a 12-pack of beer that's going to make me violently shit water in the middle of the night from my local liquor store for less than $7. And isn't that what drinking beer is all about? "Damaging your rectum?" What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. "Then your rectum must be a superhero by now." It really is, it's just a shame Batman refuses to team up with it for an extended universe movie spin-off.

Keep going for one more shot while I call around for forklift rental prices.


Thanks to Davey, who only wishes Andre The Giant was still with us so we could watch him kill a 1,000 pack in a sitting.

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