Dog Goes Nuts When She Sees Other Dogs On TV

May 2, 2017


This is a video of a dog going nuts and repeatedly jumping off the bed and into the closet whenever she sees other dogs on television. Why is she doing that? Does she think she's jumping into the TV to join the other dogs? How come my dog doesn't recognize other dogs on television? How come she doesn't recognize herself no matter how close I hold her up to the bathroom mirror? Why does it look like this person's entertainment stand doubles as a medicine cabinet? Is this just what this particular dog does when she gets really excited? Because I don't jump off the bed when I get excited, I poop my pants and then cry about it. Just kidding. "No he's not either." Mom! "His office issued me my own parking pass and security badge just so I can bring him clean underwear at work." Stop!

Keep going for the video, which may only work in the U.S. because it's from America's Funniest Videos and I couldn't find another copy. Use a U.S. based proxy server.

Thanks to Katrina, who wants to know what the hell this dog does when you say walk or treat.

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