Disney's Official Video Of Johnny Depp Surprising Pirates Of The Caribbean Riders At Disneyland

May 2, 2017


Last week you probably saw some videos tourists captured of Johnny Depp surprising riders on Pirates Of The Caribbean at Disneyland. Well this is Disney's official video of the stunt (although I also included a compilation of everybody's Vine/Instagram/Twitter videos as well, which are mostly terrible because people can't freak out and hold a phone at the same time for shit). Pirates Of The Caribbean 12: Shiver Me Timbers comes out May 26th and I've already started camping out because people still do that, right? I remember I saw the first or second Pirates Of The Caribbean movie in the theater and we all dressed up as pirates and my buddy brought a whole bottle of Captain Morgan to mix with our Cokes but he accidentally kicked it over at some point and it clanked and banged its way all the way to the very front of the theater, which I didn't notice because I was already passed out. I think this was during the previews, but it may have been during the movie trivia before the previews.

Keep going for the two videos.

Thanks to Dustin, who agrees he should have least commandeered a boat at some point.

  • Patrick Prince

    wait...i thought you're not allowed to bring recording or flash photo devices on the rides...all going to jail!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Apparently it's completely fine to bring recording devices onto the Disney dark rides as long as they're not professional quality equipment and the ride isn't considered a roller coaster.

    So, no, you're not allowed to bring a RED EPIC camera onto Pirates of the Caribbean... unless you're expressly employed by Disney to do so.

  • MichaelG

    I went to Disney years ago, and one of the workers said Johnny would sometimes dress up as Sparrow and greet people, but never let anyone know it was him, just some other worker dressed and playing the part.

  • "Throw me all your panties!"

    And it would've happened.

  • Jon

    He really is short of money now isn't he.

  • Draco Basileus

    This is one step away from dinner theater. At least Disney is paying him, rather than the Golden Corral.

  • Souichirou

    Ehhhhh, I doubt it ! If I was in his position I would do fun things like this for fans all the time.

  • Jon

    But you don't have a spending addiction, ongoing court cases and an ego the size of a small moon.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Dude, guys who beat women have feelings too, don't be mean!


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