Damn, Space: First-Person View Of A Real Spacewalk

May 19, 2017


This is some first person point of view footage captured by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet while he assists NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough with some repairs outside the International Space Station. Now that -- that's an office with a view. *gazes forlornly out the window I painted on my cubicle wall*

The spacewalkers carried out various repair and maintenance tasks on the ISS including lubricating the Canadarm2 robot arm, inspecting a radiator valve that was possibly leaking ammonia, and replacing some of the cameras on the Japanese section of the station.

Man, what I wouldn't give to be an astronaut. Unfortunately, 1) I'm claustrophobic so it's kind of out of the question until we have spaceships the size of cities. Plus 2) it would be hard to not blow up earth once I was off it. It's hard enough now and I'm still here. But if I was on the space station orbiting the planet? I would totally blow up earth. "And what would happen to your orbit if the planet is gone?" 3) I'm not good at math or science either, that's another reason.

Keep going for the awe-inspiring video.

Thanks to Tank, who was *this close* to letting me operate the big cannon before realizing what a mistake that would be.

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