Custom-Made Poseable Xenomorph Alien Dog Stuffed Animal

May 10, 2017


This is the xenomorph runner 'Alien Toy' crafted and sold by Russian artist Catherine Abanina of Etsy shop Abalaba. It costs $350 and has a wire armature inside that makes it poseable. Obviously, I'm going to pose it licking itself like a real alien dog would do. Who knows, maybe I'll put it in a stroller and take it for walks, that seems to be the thing to do in my neighborhood, especially for people with cats and lizards. Have a young child asking for a pet? Get them a stuffed animal instead. The best thing about stuffed animals is they're nearly impossible to kill. That also happens to be the worst thing about stuffed animals, particularly when they come to life and try to attack you in your sleep. PROTIP: bury the body and head separately. "Uncle GW -- have you seen my stuffed bear friend?" I sure have, sweetie. "Where is he?" In hell, darling, now go back to bed before the closet monsters wake up and eat you alive.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I daydream about my teeth being that perfect.





Thanks to hairless, who claims he's drank alien blood before and it's not nearly as corrosive as the movies make it seem.

  • Jenness

    Someone is going to buy this and they are going to do bad, bad things with it. I forget which one of you has the Xenomorph fetish....but I'm looking at YOU.

    Also, notice the behind shot - they stitched in an 'x" butthole. They knew what this would be used for.

  • Jenness

    And I found that person - this was their prom dress

  • Megatron Jenkins

    My roomie's dog wouldn't know what to do, probably freak the fuck out, lmao

  • CountOrlock

    I gotta be that guy... that ain't the runner alien. The runner firstly didn't have dorsal pipes or a spiny tail. This is a sort of mixture of the runner and the warrior from Aliens.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Three hundred and fiftymuthafrikkindollars.

    I bet she sells millions.

  • Brock

    There's no way. I'd be interested in the sub 60 dollar price point, but i'd never pay 350 for it. Especially with that pearly white smile.

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