Custom Fidget Spinner With Mario Running Animation

May 31, 2017

This is a very brief video of a fidget spinner made by Youtuber A Pyro Design with a custom zoetrope animation that makes it look like Mario is running when recorded with a camera. Pretty clever, but I'm still going to confiscate that because you can't have fidget spinners on school grounds. "This isn't a school." Listen, just hand it over and nobody gets hurt. "You just want my spinner." Yes I do, I'm a collector. I'll also take your pogs. By the way -- what are the rules on driving while fidget spinning? Is that legal? I'm asking for a friend who just drove into a neighbor's house but the cops aren't here yet. I mean there, the cops aren't there yet. Quick help me wipe my prints.

Hit the jump for the video, complete with an "Oh my God" because dude is so impressed with himself.

Thanks to Andy TA, who wants a Mario throwing a fireball fidget spinner. I want a yo-yo.

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