Coming Soon: $4,500 Inflatable Moe's Tavern Bars

May 16, 2017


Remember that inflatable Irish Pub? Well now its makers are back with a Moe's Tavern version. Available soon, the Springfield watering hole will measure 23-feet x 23-feet and 11-feet tall, accommodate around 60 guests, and cost $4,500. No word what the interior will look like, but I'm hoping for not incredibly shitty. Does it come with drinking buddies like Barney that make you feel better about your own life? Because that's what it really needs. And by it I mean I -- that's what I really need. The last time I went to the bar there was a guy there buying rounds for everybody and, as much as I do appreciate free drinks, it didn't make me feel any better about myself. Like, why can't I be the rich, handsome guy buying drinks for everybody? "You're not rich or handsome." Mystery solved! Thanks, Detective Dick.

Thanks to lizzy, who's holding out for an inflatable Cheers.

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