Aragog, A Cocktail Made With Tarantula Venom That 'Can Make Your Tongue Go Numb, Cramp Your Throat'

May 23, 2017


Aragog (named after the Harry Potter spider) is a cocktail developed by Mexico City's Luciferina Bar chief mixologist Romeo Palomares. It's made with "Mexican mezcal, Chilean pisco, Brazilian cachaça, mango juice, a touch of lemon and 0.05% tarantula venom per 500 ml of the drink." For reference, that's exactly 0.05% too much tarantula venom per 500 ml for my taste.

the idea of it all struck him when his boss asked him to conjure a cocktail for impressing his patrons. It is this quest that took him to the famous witchcraft market of Sonora, where a female vendor dared him to try small dose of Tarantula venom by assuring him zero health hazards

Not for the faint hearted, the Aragog can cause your tongue to waggle and go numb and can also cramp up your throat for a good two hours!

I don't know, despite what the witchcraft market purveyor of tarantula venom said (how do you even milk tarantula venom?), I would argue a cramping throat actually is a health hazard. Plus how do I know I'm not allergic to tarantula venom? Maybe it would kill me. Or maybe it would superhero me. *packing carry-on bag with fabric to make a cape* To Mexico city!

Keep going for a video about the cocktail in Spanish.

Thanks to vishal, who's holding out for the inevitable black widow cocktail.

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