Animal Shelter Invents 'Kitty Bjorns' To Acclimate Feral Kittens To Human Interaction

May 23, 2017


These are a couple shots of the 'kitty bjorns' developed by the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston to help acclimate feral kittens to human interaction and socialization so they can become loving, adoptable pets as quickly as possible. Great, now I want another kitty. I want all the kitties. GIMME THE KITTIES, I LOVE THEM.

"The idea was to have something that allow the kittens to socialize, and be hands-free, thus allowing staff and volunteers to multi-task (answering phones, talking with clients etc.)," Michael DeFina, communications and media relations officer at ARL Boston, told The Dodo. "The design allows the kitten to be flooded with stimuli in a safe way while being constantly monitored by whoever is wearing the vest.

Since ARL started using the vests, the process of socializing feral kittens has gotten so much faster -- so fast, in fact, that now feral kittens are ready for adoption in just 48 hours, and sometimes even sooner.

Honestly, I just one for taking my cat on walks around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he's so fat there's no way the weight of him wouldn't rip the whole vest and expose my tits for everyone to see. "Which you're totally okay with." They're nice tits, they deserve the attention.

Keep going for one more shot.




Thanks to blue16, who agrees everyone should own a kitty vest.

  • steveday72

    I'm way ahead of them ... I wear my cats instead of clothes.
    (Live of course).

  • captaindash

    This is fantastic! Great idea. Hope it works.

  • The_Wretched

    So cats will like anyone who rescues them from being held in a tiny bag?

  • Meiky Micahel

    It's called Stockholm syndrome.

  • savinghorses2

    We don't want to knock this idea but we've been doing it with feral by putting them inside a shirt pocket or sweatshirt pocket and letting them see their surroundings, we also place them in a group of stuffed animals....thats really comforting. The stuffed animals have our clothing like scarfs, hats and shirts so they get human smells and play with the critters.

  • captaindash

    What does what you did have to do with this being a good or bad idea? I mean the "...don't want to knock this idea but..." part.

  • savinghorses2

    It's Not diminish.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This looks incredibly unsafe. I don't want a feral cat that close to my body.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    i see these being bought by cat owners to make them feel like they are pregnant with their cat

  • Bling Nye

    They tried the same thing with rats but the design was metal instead of cloth, and they found out real quick they had to keep them away from open flames.

    I'm sure these will go a little better.

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