A Timelapse Of Two Artists Working Simultaneously On The Same Drawing

May 12, 2017


This is a timelapse video of artists Steeven Salvat and Jan Theo working simultaneously on the same drawing. In this case, a picture of two knights doing battle in a style that reminds me of a playing card. Speaking of playing cards - wanna see a magic trick? You sir -- with the glasses: pick a card, any card. Now put your card back in the deck and shuffle it as much as you want. Now *rifling through deck* is THIS your card? "How did you know?!" Magic is everywhere. "No seriously." I could see the reflection in your glasses, that's why I chose you.

Keep going for a shot of the finished piece, as well as the video.


Thanks to Luis, who refused to collaborate with me on an art piece despite penis doodles arguably being the purest form of fine art.

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