A Group Of Tiny Kittens Playing In A Pile Of Torn Up Paper

May 24, 2017


Sometimes you just need to see a bunch of kittens romping around and having the time of their little lives in a pile of torn up paper (in my mind they're all my delinquent bills I've been trying to ignore). It serves as an important reminder that life isn't that bad. Sure it sucks sometimes, but then there's this. I just bookmarked it to remind myself of that whenever I'm feeling down. I also just bookmarked a recipe for how to make copycat Chick-fil-A sandwiches at home for the same reason, so I might not the life coach you're looking for (I am though and we both know it).

Keep going for the video, and if it doesn't make you happy, you might want to seriously consider that manned mission to Mars, but I'm not sure what else earth has to offer.

Thanks to lizzy, who agrees if people were actually all cats and dogs, well, that would be weird but still awesome.

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