8-Year Old Skates Over 475 Feet Under 11 Inch Limbo Poles To Set New World Record

May 4, 2017


This is the Guinness World Record video of 8-year old Tiluck Keisam from Manipur, India, setting a new world record for the furthest distance roller skated under limbo sticks set 35cm (~14 inches) or lower (his were under 12 inches). He traveled 475 feet 7 inches, beating his previous record from 2015 by almost 100 feet. Wow, I don't even think I walk 475 feet in a day. You know why? Because I run everywhere. I figure if I'm fast, Death won't be able to catch me. I don't even wait for the light to turn at crosswalks, I just go for it Frogger style. "I'm going to get you on the shitter." WTF, Death?! That should be off limits, you know I like to take my time and do a word search. *Death shrugs* At least wipe and pull my pants up for me. "No promises." Please? Do it for my family.

Keep going for the video while I brainstorm how this kid can put his talent to use to help me rob a bank.

Thanks to Robyn, who agrees this kid is going places, possibly under a line of parked cars.

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