3.93-Feet: Omar The Maine Coon Cat Might Be World's Longest Cat

May 18, 2017


These are several shots and a Facebook video of Omar, a Maine Coon Cat who lives in Australia with owner Stephanie Hirst, and may be the world's longest domestic cat. Omar measures 3.93-feet from nose to tail (the previous longest was 3.88-feet), weighs 30.86 pounds, and isn't finished growing. Damn that's a big kitty! Is its litter box a kiddy pool? Because that is not a pool I would want to go swimming in. I feel like all cats want to kill you, but this one actually could. How much does a thirty pound cat eat anyways? "As much as it wants." Good answer. Now somebody give this cat some catnip and let's watch him level a house.

Keep going for several more shots including Omar making a collie look small, and trying to reach some protein powder on the counter (which it can reach without jumping) so he can grow even bigger and stronger.






Thanks to Amy B, who's not convinced one of this cat's great-grandparents wasn't a lion.

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