WTF Is That?!: Gigantic Hercules Beetle Pupa

April 27, 2017

This is a video of a Hercules Beetle pupa writhing around in somebody's hand. I thought it was a mutant sweet potato at first. Then I thought it was a lobster. Now I'm fairly certain it's an alien. I can't even believe things like this exist on earth. Or whatever planet they came from originally. "It came from earth." But you can't prove that. Same goes for mushrooms and sexual reproduction. You know why? Because I think both *putting on cool guy sunglasses* are out of this world. "You're an idiot." There's no denying that.

Keep going for this video as well as one of a Hercules Beetle in larval form, and one in its final form.

Thanks to Gregory, who agrees there's no way that thing doesn't have a spaceship hidden away somewhere.

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