Woman Cuts Eye And Nose Holes In Fence For Neighbor's Curious Dog

April 12, 2017


Jennifer Bowman of California lives next door to a German shepherd named Penny. I live next door to a German shoemaker named Klaus. Penny is a very social dog and used to have to jump as high as she could to peek over Jennifer's backyard fence for a split second at a time. So what did Jennifer do? She drilled eye and nose holes so Penny could peek through the fence without straining herself. I'm actually kinda tempted to do the same thing for my neighbor's dog, but I doubt old Max wants to see me sunbathing nude all the time. Honestly, I doubt anybody does. "You can say that again." Honey! "You've got the body of a Shar-pei puppy." You told me you love my rolls!

Keep going for two videos of Jumping Penny vs Peeking Penny.

Thanks to Ashley W, not to be confused with Ashley M, who's trying to get you to join her website and cheat on your partner.

  • GeneralDisorder

    My former neighbor had two Jack-ass-Russel Terrorists that would jump over our 4 foot high fence and scratch their gross doggy bellies on the top. One time the older of the two dogs got stuck on the fence.

    My ex wife and I put up a 6 foot fence and said "there... now your little retards won't jump over the fence and attack our puppy".

    Unfortunately one of those dumb bitches ended up dead while the other one whimpered next to her body. Lesson here: Walk your fucking dog or it'll walk itself.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    draw a mustache, eyebrows, glasses, or what have you on the fence

  • Malcolm Fried

    the ol' peanutbutter-rudder. AHEY!!

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