Whoa: Balloon Popping Underwater In Ultra-HD, Slow-Motion

April 18, 2017


This is a video from Warped Perception of a balloon being popped underwater, filmed in ultra high definition and slow motion. I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly, that my internet connection speed sucks, because it took forever to buffer the video in ultra-HD. Now I don't want to point any fingers, but I think you and I both know who's to blame. "Your ISP?" What? No. You -- you're to blame. You know I don't know how to secure my network, stop downloading p0rn on my Wi-Fi, you're killing my bandwitch. "You mean bandwidth?" You sure it's not witch? I thought she's what makes the internet magic.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to ROT, who agrees the best balloon pops are performed right behind the head of an unsuspecting frienemy.

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