Vacuum Screams Every Time It Runs Over A Gap

April 21, 2017


Note: Keep your volume in check. Also, I know, that might be the most exciting screencap ever.

This is a short video of a vacuum attachment that screams in fear every time it's forced to run over a crack. Do vacuums have feelings? Have we been unknowingly torturing our electric cleaning pets for decades? "You just posted a video of a vacuum attachment." You noticed that, huh? I was just about to distract you with some flashy words and a dirty joke. "Go on." Too late, you ruined it. *pointing* I expect every single one of you to meet this guy in the parking lot.

Hit the jump for the video while I leave a Youtube comment asking why people insist on turning the camera on themselves at the end of their videos. So everybody knows its you with the screaming vaccum?

Thanks to Linby, who has a feather duster that sneezes because it probably has allergies and it's pretty sick of you to keep using it if you ask me.

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