US Post Office Released Heat-Activated Total Lunar Eclipse Stamps

April 28, 2017


To celebrate the total lunar eclipse visible in parts of the United States on August 21st (the first total lunar eclipse visible in the US since 1979, and the first traveling across the entire country since 1918), the US Post Office is releasing these heat-activated Forever stamps. At regular temperature, they appear completely black, but when rubbed the thermochromic ink reveals the moon. When I'm rubbed? I giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Try me. "No thank you." I was lying anyways, I don't actually giggle. "What do you do?" No clue, I've never actually been touched before. You ever heard of a Bubble Boy? "Uh-huh?" Well one used to live down the street from me, nice kid, we used to play board games through his bubble but I would always cheat because there was nothing he could do about it.

Thanks again to Gregory, who better send me a piece of fan mail with one. Or hate mail, I'm not particular, I just like getting stuff.

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