Twenty Toes: A Woman's Hand And Foot Juggling Routine

April 6, 2017


This is Twenty Toes, a hand-and-foot juggling routine performed by Roxana Küwen. It's almost seven minutes long though and pretty slow to get started so feel free to skip around. It's not like we had to pay admission like those other poor saps in the audience. Obviously, I just reached out to Roxana to see if she'd join my traveling circus and side show since ticket sales have plummeted after we stopped caging the lions and tigers during performances for ethical reasons, but she immediately shot me down because "There's no way I'm getting a beard transplant" and "those tigers are eating Snake-Boy!" Come on, Roxana -- there will always be another Snake-Boy. Now *lathering hands with Rogaine* how about a relaxing facial massage while you think it over?

Keep going for the video while I try to repeatedly pick up a quarter off the floor with my toes (I take my shoes off whenever I'm at my desk and don't wear socks because I'm disgusting).

Thanks to lizzy, who agrees Roxana has way more dexterity in a single toe than I have in all my body parts combined*accidentally bites tongue, slams hand in desk drawer getting a Band-Aid* "Were you just about to put a Band-Aid on your tongue?" I wasn't thinking, okay?

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