Tractor Trailer Drags Car With Driver Inside For Over Four Miles Before Somebody Stops It

April 24, 2017


This is a terrifying video of a tractor trailer dragging a sedan that's gotten wedged into the back of the vehicle (presumably after trying to drive his car into the back of the truck like Knight Rider) for over four miles before another motorist informs the truck driver that his blind spot must be like, legally blind. Or possibly dead. Could the trucker really not see that? Did he not look in the mirror for over four miles? I feel like it would be hard to miss. Plus I imagine there was a lot of honking. I can't believe how calm the guy in the trapped car was. I would have already called all my friends and family and said my goodbyes. Plus a couple enemies and told them to go f*** off and it's unfortunate I won't have the chance to kill them myself, but rest assured I made arrangements in my will.

Keep going for the harrowing video.

Thanks to Hammy, who agrees this is exactly why we should drive monster trucks.

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