ThinkGeek Adds New Two-Piece Swimsuits To Its Star Trek 'Trekini' Line

April 20, 2017


Well, summer is just around the corner. Also: a man who told me he'd try to gnaw off his own pinky for $10. I'm trying to collect an office pool to make that happen so I can film it and launch my own Youtube channel. Enter ThinkGeek's latest addition to their Star Trek swimwear line: the Star Trek original series inspired two-piece ($60/set). Previously, their one-pieces and cover-ups). They come in blue (with Science insignia), gold (Command insignia), and red (Engineering insignia) and sizes S-4X. Not only that, but you can pick different sized tops and bottoms, because, our bodies, like snowflakes, are like snowflakes. I'm great at metaphors. "That was a simile." Well clearly I'm pretty good at those too. I'm gonna wear a red one and get eaten by sharks!

Keep going for a handful more shots.






Thanks to Allyson S, who made me promise to buy her a yellow one, which I lied about and said they were out of stock.

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