That's Cool, We Need That: Tombstones With 48-Inch Interactive Displays

April 7, 2017


This is a video of the despicably named i-ternal from Bioenergija, a new $3,200 interactive tombstone (although I'm not sure if the actual stone is included) with a 48-inch interactive display capable of entertaining visitors with the deceased's stories, quotes, photos, videos and music. I looked around their website to see how they're powered and all they mention is that the displays can be configured with "off-the-grid capabilities," presumably by leaching power from all the dead bodies in the vicinity. Personally, I'm cool with a regular tombstone, or, even better, having my body fed to lions at the zoo in front of a field-trip of schoolchildren. It's what Mufasa would have wanted. Obviously, as soon as these things catch on I'm buying a ninja costume and opening a used 48-inch television superstore.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jarod, who just wants a gravestone with some of those creepy eyes that follow you around now matter where you stand.

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