That Made Sense: Life Explained As A Video Game

April 3, 2017


This is a worthwhile video from Youtuber Casually Explained, explaining life in the style of an RPG video game. I'm pretty sure it just explained life better than I've ever heard life explained, but I've really only ever heard life explained by my uncle who said "It's all shit and then you die," which, at least from my experience, has been fairly accurate. Maybe New Game+ mode will be better? "Don't count on it." I don't, I only count on two things. "Your fingers and toes?" High five!

Keep going for the video while I try to figure out if I can go back and set my life's difficulty setting down to easy, or if that voids trophies.

Thanks to MSA, who's convinced the game developers rushed this game out before fixing all the bugs.

  • Meh

    That chart ain't complete, where's the path where you start spiralling down after lvl 8?

  • GeneralDisorder

    My downward spiral started at level 18. Lots of drugs and alcohol involved in that path.

  • Meh

    Try that at 13, but really it started at lvl 8 ^^

  • Jenness

    He talks about it - but it's mostly due to glitches which screw with your character's 'health' depending on options selected and whichever parents were randomly generated for you pre-training phase.

  • Daniel Parker

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  • GeneralDisorder

    You were practically begging to be spammed. Lo and Behold you got spammed!

    Edit: and no I got spammed! Great!

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