Terrifying 'Hyper-Realistic' Ren & Stimpy Masks

April 13, 2017


These are the 'hyper-realistic' Ren & Stimpy masks created by Andrew Freeman of Immortal Masks and on display at the recent Monsterpallooza convention in Los Angeles. Is that really what Ren & Stimpy would look like if they were real? I hope not, otherwise they're gonna have a hard time getting adopted. Ren is supposed to be a chihuahua and Stimpy a Manx cat but if I saw these two at the shelter I'd swear they were both some breed of nightmare. I change my mind, mom, I think I want a turtle.

Keep going for a closeup of each and a video discussing the masks with Andrew.



Thanks to Damien, who prefers the cartoon versions, but not the closeup cartoon versions that basically look like painted versions of this.

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