Terrifying Emoji Face Skincare Masks

April 20, 2017


These are the lines of Emoji Face Masks sold by Petite Amie Skincare and Emoji. The Petite Amie masks are available in a variety of different styles including hearts for eyes face (hydroactive cellular renovator), screaming in fear face (extra-lifting face treatment), blushing face (sensitive skin soothing and moisturizing), pouting angry face (after sun soothing and revitalizing), super happy face (hyaluronic acid superior hydrating) and cool guy sunglasses face (botanical extract moisturizing) and cost $10 - $12 apiece. The other ones are all Emoji brand and only cost $5. Do they actually do what they say they're going to? No clue, I always thought these sorts of beauty treatments were all snake oil, but what do I know? I'm just a man who doesn't put anything on his face but war paint before going to battle. "Is that eyeshadow?" Okay, so I ran out of war paint. "And the lip gloss?" I'm a sexy warrior. "That explains the push-up bra." They don't look natural?!

Keep going for more shots of people wearing the things.










  • teenygozer

    Once seen, cannot be unseen. View at your peril!

  • TheQiwiMan

    You wanna waste your money on worthless snake-oil products that do absolutely nothing? Well what if I told you you could get all the non-benefits of this pseudoscience scam AND look like even more of an idiot at the same time???


  • Meh

    Well that is terrifying alright. However whats most scary is that they seem to be incredibly inept at making those masks.

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