Russian Grandma Learned How To Green Screen, Video Edit, Make These Awesome Youtube Videos

April 21, 2017


This is a video of Russian grandma Tatiana Subbotina demonstrating and discussing her newfound proficiency with chroma-key (green screen) and digital video editing. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear this was a scene from a live action version of The Little Mermaid. She also did a flying carpet video, presumably because she gets all her inspiration from Disney movies. Me? I get all my inspiration from the messages printed on the inside lid of yogurt cups. Stuff like 'You don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.' And, sometimes, I even draw inspiration from stuff printed on the outside. Look at this -- a date! What do you think it means? "I bet it's the day you die." Then I've been dead for almost a month! "Crazy." My tummy hurts.

Keep going for these two videos but check out her Youtube channel for a ton more of her video editing wizardry.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees with the proper green-screen skills, there's nowhere you can't visit.

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