Real Products That Exist: The Star Wars Dewback Loveseat

April 27, 2017


This is the Dewback loveseat crafted by Regal Robot, a new spinoff of Tom Spina Designs (previously). The 330-pound loveseat looks like a Dewback from Star Wars and costs $10,000. Granted it doesn't look particularly comfortable, but who cares about comfort? You think I sleep on the floor because it's comfortable? No, I sleep on the floor because I couldn't get rid of the bedbugs in my last mattress and new, stain-free mattresses are expensive. I should get a hammock. Also, why the hell did they decide to make a Dewback loveseat when they could have made a Jabba The Hutt chaise lounge? Now that's a sofa that would really fly off the showroom floor. But don't take my word for it, just ask furniture sales analyst James Talbott. "He's 100% correct." See? And for the record that totally wasn't just me throwing my voice, John is a real person who knows his shit. "My name is James." See? There's no way I could be lying now.

Keep going for a couple more shot.





Thanks to oldcar, who may or may not be rusting away in my neighbor's driveway.

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