R2-D2 Pizza Cutter That Makes R2 Noises While You Slice

April 18, 2017


Because somebody out there with far more disposable income than I have needs a Star Wars version of everything, this is the $10 R2-D2 pizza cutter available from ThinkGeek. It makes R2 beeps and boops when you cut your pizza. Wow, a pizza cutter that requires batteries, I never thought I'd see the day. Yet here we are. And what a glorious day it is too! "Why are you so chipper, you have sex this morning or what?" Even better -- I went to the gym. "Impressive." But only because there's a coffee bar inside. "So you didn't work out?" Baby steps, please.

Keep going for a shot of just the cutter in case the pizza above was distracting you.


Thanks to carey, who once attended a pizza party where Leonardo sliced the pizza with his katanas. Please tell me there's an Instagram video.

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