Quantum Mechanics Explained In Five Minutes, With Ducks

April 11, 2017


This is a video from Youtuber exurb1a trying to explain quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, the quantum zeno effect, as well as a handful of other quantum mechanics theories in five minutes, with the use of ducks. I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly, that ducks don't help me understand anything. Try penguins next time. Also, geese will attack you for bread and your mom will have to pick you up and carry you back to the car.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dev, who agrees the best way to explain things is with candy, like in elementary school math class.

  • Mark Armstrong

    Quantum mechanics have nothing on Quatum mechanics.

  • Jenness

    I can just see the YouTube videos now "I'm not fat. I'm actually quite thin but there are an infinite number of me's and you just are seeing them simultaneously which gives an illusion of a bigger person because I operate on so many levels your brain can't handle it."

  • KungFuTreachery

    That was just excellent. And sorry, but I can't even wrap my brain around something larger than your mother's dick pic collection.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Very entertaining, with the perfect ending! Guess I need to subscribe to exurb1a now.

  • Daniel L Charlebois

    I thought he lost it at the end when he stopped talking about ducks and making duck puns.

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