Pizza Acrobatics Are A Real Thing And There Are Competitions

April 11, 2017


Pizza acrobatics are a real thing that people do that involve elaborate pizza dough tossing routines. It's kind of like rhythm gymnastics, except with raw dough and way more Italians than Eastern Europeans competing and winning. This video highlights 12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, who mentions he also holds the world record for most consecutive pizza dough rolls across his back in 30 seconds, with either 36 or 37, because who can be bothered to remember their own records? Still, this sounds like a sport I should be involved in. *tosses pizza dough, it lands on the floor, I step on it, yell to ask roommate which toppings he wants on his personal pizza*

Keep going for the inspirational video.

Thanks to lizzy, who can't wait for there to be a taco olympics.

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