Oh Wow: Impressive Rick And Morty Grand Theft Auto V Mods

April 18, 2017


This is a video demonstration of some of the Rick And Morty GTA V mods created by modder Jedidiah515 (links to the mod's page). You can play as Rick Sanchez, turn everyone else into Rick Sanchezes, fly around in your Space Cruiser, and MORE. I'm not sure how much more though. That might actually be it. You know, I wish I was more into video game mods, but every time I try to download one it turns out to be a virus and now my computer is on fire and my parents are going to kill me. "You're telling me a virus set your computer on fire." Of course not, I did that so the infection doesn't spread. *tapping head* I'm a thinker. Now can you call the fire department I must have forgotten to pay my phone bill.

Keep going for the video, which includes Rick working the pole at a strip joint at the end.

Thanks to c and hairless, who can't believe it's been over 12 years since the Hot Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas. It seems like only yesterday (I played it yesterday).

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